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Promo! Summer Tour of Intramuros (April 13 & 15)

Announcement from Heroes Square Heritage Corporation:

In celebration of the 32nd Intramuros Foundation Week, Heroes Square will offer Vamos!, a 3-hour interactive tour of Intramuros on April 13 and 15 at discounted rate.

Heroes Square is giving a 50% discount on their standard rate of Php 1,200.00. Interested parties can join the tours at Php 600.00 per head

The tour is open to anyone who wants to experience history on a different level. Book now, and begin your Intramuros adventure. ¡Vamos ya!


9:00 am – 12:00 nn & 1:00 – 4:00 pm

Wednesday & Friday

13 and 15 April 2011


LANDLINE: (+63-2) 481-6637

cellphone nos.: Smile Indias – 0927-9077050

Jobal Balsamo – 0906-2020274

Oliver Quintana – 0919-6477987

*Maximum number of participants per tour is 40 pax. Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis.


I. Mi ÚItimo Adiós: Celebrating the life and heroism of Dr. José Rizal

Enter the Rizal Shrine museum and learn about the National Hero of the Philippines, Dr. José Rizal. Guided by a docent, examine precious artifacts, relics and other artworks that reveal his passion for the arts and sciences. Afterwards, visit the actual prison cell where he was incarcerated.

Get to meet José Rizal, Josephine Bracken, Doña Teodora Alonzo and Padre Sanchez in a heartwarming musical drama presentation at the Valedictory Hall. Don’t forget to take a moment and reflect on the question: What was Rizal’s life all about?

II. ¡Viva La Independencia!: The retelling of a nation’s struggle for freedom

Pass through the gates of Fort Santiago and experience an animated, theatrical walking tour of the National Shrine of Freedom. Amidst centuries-old baluartes and vaulted chambers, listen to stories that recount the Filipino people’s struggle to gain independence from its colonizers.

Proceed to the Plaza Moriones fountain and learn about the fall and rise of Philippine freedom as two comical characters dramatize and reenact significant events in history. Join them as they journey through various periods and show you around the country’s oldest stone fortress.

III. La Ciudad Murada: Rediscovering Intramuros on board the Tranvía

Step on board the Tranvía, which is a recreation of the early 20th century electric rail car, and visit different historical sites within the Walled City.

Guided by a docent, get a glimpse of life during the Spanish period and learn about the Filipino’s courage and resilience throughout their history as a people. Lastly, appreciate the value of preserving Intramuros as a window to the past and an important heritage landmark in the Philippines.


Heroes Square brings stories of Filipino heroism to life and celebrates Filipino heritage and history by mounting tours of Intramuros. For students, our tours are co-curricular enrichment programs that aim to form the entire person, and not simply impart information. For foreign guests, balikbayans, and the general public, we offer tours that excite and inspire the heart, the imagination, and the spirit.

Heroes Square tours feature multimedia and theatrical shows presented in various sites in Intramuros. These include walking tours, plays, dance, music, living history, and more.

By showing that the world of our heroes is still the world we live in today, Heroes Square aims to move people to see the Philippines with new eyes, to ignite dreams of greater possibility for the Filipino. By showing that our heroes are people like ourselves, with lives like our own, Heroes Square aims to embolden and empower everyone into realizing that we, too, can be heroes.


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